Prof. Tlektes Yespolov


Dr. Tlektes Isabaevich Yespolov is the Rector of Kazakh National Agrarian University and the Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Dr Yespolov obtained his post graduate degree in Technical Sciences at Scientific Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering in Moscow in 1982. After graduation, he worked in Kazakh Institute of Agriculture as a lecturer, associate professor and the Head of Industrial Research Laboratory of Kazakh Institute of Agriculture. In 1993 he was appointed as the Director of the Almaty Industrial College, and then as the Rector of the Almaty IndustrialPedagogical Academy. In 1997, he defended a doctorate dissertation in Economic Sciences. In 2001 was awarded the rank of Professor. Under his leadership the transition to a three-level structure of university education: bachelor – master – doctorate Ph.D was adopted and a credit education technology was introduced. Planned work to achieve a world level education institution is carrying out nowadays at the university. Kazakh National Agrarian University has entered the European educational space, has joined the Bologna Declaration, and signed agreements on cooperation with 54 foreign universities. Strategic plan for the development of the University for 2010-2015, Development Program for National Research University for 2011-2015 have been developed under the leadership of the Rector.