Samantha Fahy

Representative of President, Dublin City University, Ireland

Samantha Fahy holds a primary Science degree from NUI Galway (1991), a Master in Optoelectronics from Queen’s University Belfast (1992), a diploma in Management from Trinity College Dublin (1997) and an MBA from Dublin City University (2010). In 2004 Samantha was appointed Centre Manager for the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology. In 2012 Samantha took on the part-time role of Manager of Sustainability at DCU, an initiative to develop and promote Sustainability across all educational functions, and moved to full-time in 2013. Samantha has over 20 year of experience in the management and administration of high technology research projects and has developed a deep understanding of research practice gained from working closely with outstanding researchers engaged in complex projects, such as SFI Strategic Research Clusters.