Wrap up of The 2nd International Workshop on UI GreenMetric 2016

The 2nd International Workshop on UI GreenMetric 2016 were conducted on 21st April 2016 with 18 Rectors/Vice Rectors presentation, and participated by more than 26 universities from 16 countries.  In the final part of the conference we announced that  Bulent Ecevit University of Turkey to be the host of the 3rd International Workshop of UI GreenMetric in April 2017. We have also have the proposals of Universitas Diponegoro Indonesia in line for 2018, University College Cork Ireland‎ for 2019, and University of Zanjan Iran for 2020, and Universitas Utara Malaysia for 2021.
We also announced to all participants to send us information to be distributed through the UI GreenMetric Website for information sharing.
We announced yesterday of the possibilities to create a network hub in each country/region to help more universities to join the UI GreenMetric.
 If your university is interested to  be the GreenMetric Hub in which you can lead to organise a Workshop that can invite your colleagues in your region, i.e Vice Chancellor for facilities and sustainability and their Director/officers to join the workshop. UI GreenMetric team can come for a coaching session, so that more universities universities join and aware of their Sustainability Program Indicators improvement.
Let us know your idea , proposed schedule and whether we can work together to organize it.
Thank you so much for your support to UI GreenMetric