Guideline – Parallel Session

  1. Presenters should submit abstract before 27 March 2023 and full paper before 1 May 2023.
  2. Presenters should submit presentation slides (PPT/PDF Version) and video presentation on the submission system at before 20 May 2023.
  3. The maximum duration time of the video presentation is 12 minutes
  4. Please kindly record your video at 720p (i.e. 720 x 1.280 pixels) or 1080p (1080 x 1.920 pixels). Save your files as .MP4.
  5. The committee will put all video presentations from invited speakers on UI GreenMetric YouTube Channel on 14 June 2023; therefore, all participants can watch the video presentations since before the event. The invited speakers must attend on Zoom Meeting Application as scheduled on 16 June 2023 for discussing the questions from participants.

We welcome to receive the video presentation with your creativity. However, we would like to inform you of the steps of examples to record or make a simple video presentation.
1. With your presentation open, on the Slide Show tab, click the Record Slide Show. You can choose to start either on the current slide or from the beginning. Be careful of the Clear command as it deletes narrations or timings.

2. In the Record Slide Show box, check or clear the boxes for your recording preferences, then click Start Recording.

3 At the top left corner of the window is the Recording toolbar, which you can use to:

  • Go to the next slide
  • Pause the recording
  • Start over/re-record the current slide

4. You can use your common Microsoft PowerPoint pointers (e.g. ink, eraser, or the laser pointer) as usual.
5. To end your recording, right-click the final slide and click End Show.
6. To save your recording as a video, toggle the menu and click Export. Choose the option Create a Video, opting for Full HD (1080p).

7. Do not forget to click the Use Recorded Timings and Narrations

8. Save your video in MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4) format and name the file using the format “Parallel sessions – your name – University”

9. More detailed technical information regarding recording your PowerPoint presentation may be accessed at Support Office.
10. Before submitting, we recommend sending your video to your friends or colleagues for review and ask them to confirm that the slides are legible and that the audio is clear.

In addition, you can check the example of video presentations from UI GreenMetric Expert in a virtual event last year at, or