Dr. Gerard Mullally

Departement of Sociology, University of College Cork

Dr. Gerard Mullally is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, specialising in the Sociology of the Environment, Community, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Gerard began his career in the Centre for European Research, UCC (1992-1997), after graduating from the inaugural cohort of the M.A. in the Sociology of Development (now globalisation and development), where he was a researcher on a number of EU projects on environment and sustainable development. He also lectured on the National Diploma in Applied Social Studies in Social Care, Regional Technical College, Cork (now Cork Institute of Technology) from 1993-1994. In 1997, he was awarded a scholarship to the Advanced Study Course Systemic Complexity and Eco-Sustainable Development, Erice, Sicily, September, 8th –27th, organised by Professor Ivano Spano. In retrospect, his exposure to the international faculty of that course, including: Ervin László, Alfonso Montuori, and Edgar Morin had a much more enduring impact than he had realised.